company profile Medical Directory India (MDI)

History, Company Profile, what we have done so far

Started in 2008, (MDI)   is a  healthcare directory and portal which was built to provide a gateway to the health industry and people. Our vision behind MDI is to provide health related information, data, services to the people seeking medical help.

Healthcare industry is one of the biggest and complex industry, where every time new information,  new invention, new technology is required. At MDI we try to publish that information or services to you which is required and helpful for you.

A team of professionals, is taking care of all the activities of MDI. Since 2008 we are providing various services and information to the people. Every time we try to provide new services, information,  which can bring happiness to our customers.

At (MDI), we are committed to improve healthcare system/information/services.  The MDI  Directory, an initiative by the Dream Development Society (Registered in 2015 under society act 1860) to provide a platform for all healthcare institution to provide information about their services and operations to the public. We are connecting with more organisations and people  to achieve our goal.  MDI is the dream project of Dream Development Society which is a non-profit organization, registered as a Trust.

MDI is driven by the vision of a responsive and effective healthcare information and services system that is rooted in the community, where everybody can actively access all the data and information required by them.   We provide  online healthcare related information and more than 20 services to consumers, physicians, pharma Industry,  healthcare professionals.   corporations globally through our  websites, directory, apps, camps and through others medias. Everyday healthcare information systems is increasingly and becoming complex and  crucial for clinical care and hospital operations.

We’re committed to the delivery of quality data, information and its continual improvement.  We are also committed  to make a balance between a treatment and healthy life style of everybody.